Literature, Culture, Religion and Art

Technology history, society relation with technology and technology interference, CD with poetry and music and much theaterwork on scene, and behind.

Social anthropology and philosophy. Religion and Christian morals, ethics and church sermons.

€Literature studies, courses, authors work, theatre development and acting.

€Scandinavian, British, French, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, German, American literature.

 Journalistic work, "Vetter og Troll" see newsletter on this website.

Theaterwork for Teater Ibsen, Grenland Friteater and Porsgrunn Amatørteater among others: Henrik Ibsen: "Peer Gynt", "Oliver Twist", "Robin Hood og Villungene i Kongens skog", Kjartan Fløgstad og Tor Arne Ursins stykke "Harde Tak", Bach: "Den Spanske Flue" m.m.
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